Michael Hill Properties’ Client Testimonials

Jake's Finer Foods

“We enjoyed working with you these past 5+ years as well, and it was a terrific learning experience for me — I definitely learned that if I’m ever involved in another commercial real estate transaction, you will be my first call!! Having gone through the fires of the 18th Street transactions with you, I consider you a friend as well as a business associate, and it has been a pleasure working with you.”

Filtration Technology Corporation

“If you are looking for a real estate agent that is very professional, familiar with the Houston market and willing to work and understands your needs, you will not be disappointed…”

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Metal Cutting Specialists

“Every time information was needed or just any piece of the puzzle was required, you found it, immediately. Your personal efforts and commitment to the goal of representing me, enabled me to be successful again in acquiring the property I chose.”

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Glazier Foods

“Over the past 10 years that I have worked here at Glazier Foods Company, I have had the pleasure to work with you and your associates at Michael Hill Properties on multiple different commercial property transactions.”

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Kervin Jacob Family, LTD. (Jake's Finer Foods)

“It has been a very long winding and rocky road to get to where we are – all four of our commercial property leases in place — but I would not have made the trip with my sanity intact without you and your team!”

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Amelang Gilchrist Investment Builders

“We have been using Mike Hill since 1994 (18 years) to handle the leasing of our office/industrial buildings and I could not be more pleased.”

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Mountain West Industrial Properties

“This Letter is a recommendation for Marc Emde as your leasing broker. He is an excellent broker due to his quick and thorough follow-up, attention to detail and extensive market knowledge. Additionally, he has strong broker relationships which ensure a steady amount of deal flow across his desk. We entrusted him with a very important project, and he did an outstanding job.”

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Johnson Supply

“It’s hard to imagine that it’s been since 1982 that we have partnered the relationship between you and Johnson Supply.”

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Liberty Property Trust

“Your market expertise, key relationships and deal instincts have been extremely valuable in the acquisitions of very successful projects and various land tacts for future industrial development.”

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S&B Engineers & Constructors - NorthDen Holdings, LTD.

“You continue to exceed my expectations and have done so for the past 20 years we have worked together.”

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