Crane Served Buildings

Houston crane served buildings enjoy a large segment of Houston’s industrial real estate due to the high volume of energy related manufacturing and fabrication facilities. Many of the headquarters facilities for the energy related companies are located in Houston and that dictates the location of their industrial facilities in the greater Houston area too. Many of these facilities are built to manufacture and distribute large heavy equipment being used in the production of energy. Refineries, petrochemical plants and drilling rigs require large equipment and they are fabricated in local facilities utilizing overhead cranes which could be as small as 1 ton capacity up to 250 ton capacity. These cranes are generally built into the building with the structural members in the building beefed up to accommodate these heavy lifts. The crane could also be a “mobile crane” which moves equipment out in the yard. These cranes inside the building would travel over flat bed trucks which are loaded and secured to proceed to the customer. These buildings are built grade level (as opposed to distribution buildings which are built truck dock high) so the truck can drive into the building.