Industrial Park Properties

Houston Industrial park properties exist in Houston to a great degree because Houston has no zoning! Zoning has been consistently voted down in the elections when it was proposed. As a result, the value of a property is many times dependent on its location. In the practice of real estate brokerage, location is incredibly important as it relates to marketability. The industrial park property development in Houston thus became, and still is, an important factor in where to located “clean” industry where image and quality are important. Much of Houston’s manufacturing and fabrication industry might locate outside of industrial parks because of the restrictions typically placed on the USE of property within the park boundaries. However, there are industrial parks which exist to accommodate the heavy industry facilities and most of these are located on the east side of the City. The first area to really develop to accommodate distribution warehouses was in the northwest sector of the city where the Southern Pacific Railroad paralleled one of our major freeways, providing a “park environment” access to rail and also access to a major freeway. The Southern Pacific Railroad was run by a Mr. Bob Wadsworth for many years and Bob was a pro-real estate individual who promoted the railroad’s service to the industrial developers at a time when the other railroads were not as aggressive. Other areas of the city seen development of industrial park properties and it seems all of them have been successful in their land sale program. The industrial park properties located on the ship channel and particularly those with direct ship channel access have done well. Current prices of land in those areas can be as high as $3.00 psf. In the northwest and north areas of the city industrial park properties can bring $4.00 psf and in the southwest area of the city pricing can go up to as much as $5.00 psf for good locations in the park. There will always be a demand for well located industrial park properties in all areas of Houston.